Graduate Training Programs

Get access to a large pool of very ambitious and talented individuals.

Why Graduate Training Programs?

Graduate schemes affords an organization with the opportunity to take the brightest and best Graduates and train them to be key functionaries within the organization.

A good Graduate scheme serves as a source of attracting, training and retaining future leaders for the organizations. 

We assist organizations in developing fast track bespoke graduate training programs to enable them gain access to an ambitious workforce that is well prepared for work.


Stage 1

  • Development of Training Program.
  • Utilize our full consulting skills by advising on applications collection.
  • Job Advertisement for applications collection.
  • Initial screening and Assessment 
  • Written & Oral Test
  • Panel Interviews.
  • Final Selection – Interviewing and Candidate profiling

Stage 2

  • Thorough Induction on Business and Support functions.
  • On the Job assignment of graduates.
  • General workplace skills training including lean, action learning, know your team, emotional intelligence and corporate applications. 
  • Mentor’s assignment

Stage 3

  • Performance Assessment and Feedback.
  • Engagement strategies.
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Career Development strategies
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