Resume/ CV Writing Services

Our goal for you – more interviews. Get your resume/ CV written by experts.

Have you ever wondered why your CV is NOT GETTING SHORTLISTED despite having right knowledge, skills and abilities?

You’ve been applying to jobs like crazy, but it seems as though all of your applications have disappeared into the black hole of the Internet. Wondering why your resume isn’t getting you any interviews?

We’re willing to bet it’s not because you’re unqualified or just not good enough. It’s likely because your resume has one or more “fatal errors.”

A recruiter usually receives ~500 applications against an advertised post and due to time constraints, reviews around 3% of the total CVs.  The common errors that diminishes your chances to get shortlisted are poorly written resume, lack of the specifics, typos and grammatical errors, attempting the “one–size–fits–all” approach, highlighting duties instead of accomplishments, going too long or cutting too short, bad summary, no action verbs, visually too busy etc.

A resume or CV is the first point of contact you make with a potential employer, so we want that first impression to be a strong, clear demonstration of just how awesome you are at what you do. That’s how you get an interview—and then once you rock that, a job.

We are offering a high quality services to you with a very low price as compared to the competition.

Fresh Applicants

Rs. 500

  • Fresh job applicants from 0-2 years’ experience.

Non Staff Applicants

Rs. 500

  • Job applicants from Labour class such as carpenter, masons, plumber, sales man etc. 

Applicants with 2-5 years Exp

Rs. 1,000

  • Mid career Individuals who are having a good number of experience and are currently on a job hunt.

Applicants with 5+ years Exp

Rs. 1,500

  • Experience individuals working on staff and managerial roles and are seeking for new jobs.

The fee is all inclusive and needs to be paid in advance. Your final product will be delivered in 5 working days. You should expect to be contacted over phone and a communication through email during the CV writing process to seek and review information.

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